Friday, 27 May 2016

Saving Rose Green

Table of contents
Name tag
Janice Carpenters
Tear drops from the moon.

To Fat-hi Said Omar, a brother and a rare chum.
Name tag
“Hi, do you speak English?” said the white slim lady to
the nurse at the reception.
“No, I did not go to Harvard because I am an Arab woman
whose parents are low income earners!” answered the nurse.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way!” responded the
white lady.
“Maybe an identification and a ‘please’ added to your
question would make your approach benign, don’t you
think?” said the female nurse with a straight face staring
straight into her eyes.
“I am Rose Green, please I am here to see Doctor Abbas
Hassan?” she replied smiling, a bit embarrassed by her first
“Now that, my sister is called courtesy. Our parents spend
most of their precious time teaching us these things here!”
remarked the nurse. She dragged a desk phone on the counter
and picked the headset, dialled a number and spoke in Arabic
mentioning Rose Green to the person she called then hung up,
“Fifth floor, second office on your left!”
“Thank you!” said Rose, she looked up the clock hanging
on the wall behind the nurse as she walked away.
“You’re welcome, Rose Green!” responded the nurse.
“Excuse me?” said Rose as she turned.
“ána úhibbu fustaanuk!” replied the nurse complimenting
Rose’s dress.
“Whatever!” she murmured.
Rose got into the lift and hit the button to the fifth floor,
before the doors went shut, a janitor rushed in and blocked the
doors, then walked in with a yellow 24L cleaning mop Bucket
whistling the song he was listening to. She watched him
pressed the button to the fourth floor.
“Hi!” he said with his headphones banging.
“Hi” replied Rose with a smile as she leaned her ears
close to the headphone.
“Aisha! Beautiful song. I enjoyed it as a little girl back in
the 90’s.” she said.
“What!?” asked the Janitor as he pulled off his
“I said, the song, Aisha, I love it!” she answered.
“Oh wow, you speak French too?” he asked.
“Naa!” she exclaimed
“Naa?” he wondered

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