Wednesday, 7 March 2018

My Past Life - Free PDF eBook

Read and download My Past Life - Free PDF eBook
This is a short fiction about a young man who gets shot on Christmas Eve and goes to heaven. Then he is given a second chance and he is reborn. Read to find out more! 

Dave was hurrying home to his future wife. He would propose tonight. He checked the small bump on his chest to make sure the tiny box containing the ring was there. He had just bought it. He had paid all his savings to buy her the most beautiful ring he could afford. Yep, that was it, the most beautiful ring he could ever afford, not the most beautiful ring there was in store. But he hoped it would be good enough for her. The love of his life, Jasmin.They had been together for three years and he felt it was the right time to propose. Tonight, on Christmas Eve, he would do it.Aftertheir annoying relatives would leave, when he would have her for himself, he would kneel before her and pop the question. It would be perfect. He would first make her think he didn’t get her anything this Christmas and then he would propose to her and put the ring on her finger. Dave could almost see it, how she would cry with joy and hug him and everything would be perfect. And by this time next year she would be Mrs. Rogers. Jasmin Rogers. Yup. Perfect. His heart was beating so fast that he had to focus to calm down. He was a strong man, but his heart was racing in anticipation. He searched his pockets for his car keys as he was slowly walking down a dark alley as it was the only place where he had found a parking spot for his car.There were street lights everywhere but the ones on this alley were flickering until they stopped doing even that. Just a few more meters and he would start his car and go home. Finally, he found his car keys in the back of his right pocketof his blue-jeans.Then things took a turn for the worse. Everything he had dreamed of, everything he had hoped for, all his life raced in his head in jumbled blurry images when he felt the cold steel of a gun pointed at him and a hoarse male voice telling him to give him his wallet. Somehow, he knew this wouldn’t end well. He just couldn’t have that perfect life he had dreamed of, could he?

Read and download  My Past Life - Free PDF eBook

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