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Pig Nutrition and Feeding - Free PDF eBook

In the feeding of pigs, the main objective is to produce piglets from breeding animals, and subsequently meat from these piglets, with the maximum efficiency and productivity. Feeding represents about 80% of the total cost of producing pigs. 

Therefore use feeds efficiently and economically in order to make profit. Use cheaper, lower grade feed stuff and supplement with more nutritious feeds. Provide feed requirements according to the different categories of pigs and the condition e.g. piglets, weaners, growers, pregnant sows and sows, suckling piglets. Fortunately, pigs can survive on a variety of feeds ranging from commercial feeds (very expensive option), root tubers to pastures with quite good performance with optimum supplementation. While feeding, you (the farmer) should achieve the basic nutrient requirements of the particular age group of the pig. 

Before introduction of pigs into the rearing system (pigsty), you should mobilize large feed reserves to ensure uninterrupted feeding of the animals so that the intended objective is achieved. Generally a pig has no definite time for feeding. Piglets are habitual nibblers and eats in small quantity throughout the day. However, pigs are fed twice or thrice a day with the following computed feed: Age Quantity 1-2 Months 0.5 kg per day 2-3 Months 1.0 kg per day 3-4 Months 1.25 kgs per day 4-5 Months 1.5 kgs per day 5-6 Months 2.0 kgs per day Boar and Pregnant Gilt 2.5 kgs per day But what is a feed? A feed is food given to domestic animals in the course of animal husbandry. 

Uses of Pig Feeds  Growth: Mainly an increase in size of bone, muscle and skin cells.  Maintenance: Energy for normal animal activities and repair of worn body tissue.  Reproduction (Gestation): Growth and development of unborn pigs, from mating to farrowing.  Milk Production (Lactation): Producing milk requires a high-level feeding of quality feed.  Fattening: Formation and deposition of fat tissue under the skin, around muscles and in the body cavity. 

Basic Rules of Pig Nutrition Nutrition and feeding provide an important tool for management manipulation in the control of disease. The quality of the feed, its methods of presentation and the amounts of feed provided are part of the disease prevention process. Below are some of the nutrition rules you can adopt on the farm: Rule 1: Outdoor pigs need more than just pasture to survive.  While it is true that pigs love rooting in and eating pasture, they cannot survive on pasture alone. They need a balanced ration usually based on cereal grain. Pigs are mono-gastric (single stomach) animals and are inefficient dig-esters of fiber (only 50% efficiency). 

Diets based on pasture are high in fiber. Pasture quality can change quickly. Pigs unused to pasture diets can take 2 months to adjust. Most of this adjustment is due to changes in the size.

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