Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Milady Disdain by Marianne Malthouse

Read online or download Milady Disdain by Marianne Malthouse - Free PDF eBook. 

Book Description: 
The necessity of leaving the only home she had ever known was daunting so soon after the death of her beloved mother, but the new life she was about to embark upon was to prove both exciting and challenging to Patience Kilpatrick. 

Daughter of a father who had abandoned his family to fight and die for Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden, and grand-daughter of the Earl who had given his life in the earlier Stuart cause, she had lived a life far beneath her station, and was happy to become governess to the young son of Milady Costain. 

Her growing confidence in herself, and the twists and turns her life takes as she becomes embroiled in the fortunes of her contemporaries in the glittering world of London's aristocracy leads her into a future she could only have dreamed of. 

Read more and click to download the free PDF eBook - Milady Disdain by Marianne Malthouse - Free PDF eBook 

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